Matt woke and was happy. He was happy because he knew tonight was family movie night. However, Matt knew they, he and his brother, still had to decide on what movie they were to watch tonight. He left the bed and entered the bathroom. Matt took a shower, got dressed and brushed his teeth.

Matt’s stomach growled. “I might as well go down and eat breakfast,” Matt said to himself. Matt went quickly down the stairs and entered the kitchen, where he made a bowl of cereal for himself. He sat down and quickly finished his bowl of cereal. As he got up to clean it, he noticed his brother walking down the stairs.

“Hey Chase, are you ready to decide on the movie?”

“No, not yet. I still want to eat and dress.” Chase made quickly a bowl of cereal and began to eat it. They sat silently for three minutes, or at least until Chase finished eating.

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